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There are many ways of improving the interior appearance of your home. At Country Lane Fabrics, all the needs for those looking for quality floor rugs are taken care of. The fabrics used are selected from the finest materials that will give your home a welcoming look. Order today the kind of upholstery and floor cover that blends your home décor from the wide variety of makes that are available. Country Lane Fabrics is your all-time home solution.

Our products come in various colors, sizes, quality and designs. We make buying carpet online an simple process and offer fast shipping  at a very affordable price for all products. Our primary goal is to provide services and products that satisfy all our customers.
Below are the different types of rugs that are available in store or online for shoppers. They include:

Area rugs

Smaller rugs help to dress up otherwise bare floors by drawing visual focus. They could be anything from a cheap carpet remnant to a room-sized, hand-made masterpiece. It all depends on your style and budget. But area rugs are an easy way to complement other décor as indoor or outdoor carpeting. And if things change, you can always move it.


Sculptured Carpet

Sculptured carpet shows a distinct pattern in the variation between high and low pile fibers. There are several basic weaves, such as a high-low loop or cut-and-loop, but the visual feel is what makes this attractive. It allows carpeting to attract and engage the attention without a splash of colors. Some misconceptions regarding sculpted carpet are that it’s harder to clean and wears unevenly. It is no harder to clean than other types of carpet, and the wear and tear depends on the durability of the material used. It is simply the visual and artistic impression of sculpted carpet that adds a subtle layer to a room’s style without a distracting clash of colors.


Plush Carpet

For a home with children, plush carpet is the ideal choice. The collection is suitable for use in the living rooms, bedroom carpet, and dens. This collection is unique in a way since it is very thick and warm. They come in a wide color selection thus providing buyers a chance to choose what matches the home. The thickness also varies depending on how much one is willing to pay for a particular width.


Indoor & Outdoor Carpet

Indoor and outdoor carpet can be very stylish but extremely resilient against the elements. Outdoor carpeting tends to be made of synthetic materials that are more resistant to mildew, moisture, and sunlight. They also tend to be lower or looser pile to make it easier to clean away wind-blown debris. Today there are any number of carpet products designed to be used either indoors or out. Indoor & outdoor carpet is stylish and soft enough for comfortable use indoors yet has the same weather-resistant properties to make it more durable as outdoor carpet. They are perfect for porches, patios, sunrooms, and so much more.


Sculpted Carpet

Just like many other products, this collection is sold depending on the dimension a buyer wants. Free binding of edges is done using high-quality threads. No fraying will be encountered after purchasing a sculpted carpet.


Bedroom Carpet

The choice in bedroom carpeting is often one of the most crucial. People generally want something soft and warm underfoot when they get out of bed in the morning, particularly in cold climates. Even in houses with hardwood or tile floors, it’s common to have a good area rug beside the bed. The thicker the bedroom carpet, the more effective it will be in sound-dampening, helping to afford more privacy and more peaceful sleep.
People can buy carpet online with ease and confidence thanks to the team at Country Lane Fabrics. Our professionals can answer customers’ carpet-related questions at any time. We also have a lot of invaluable knowledge that involves floor mats, another must-have for many properties. Mats can function as excellent and attractive accents for floors.

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience with Country Lane Fabrics.