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Floor Mats

Country Lane Fabrics not only sells upholstery fabric, but we also sell floor mats.  As great as your floor may look, sometimes it needs just a bit of something extra.  Country Lane Fabrics is happy to provide that something extra with any sort of mat that you may need.
When standing on your hard kitchen floor makes your legs and/or feet a bit sore, we’re happy to provide anti fatigue kitchen mats, a soft mat that shapes to your stance to make you more comfortable. Country Lane Fabrics also provides anti-fatigue mats that can decorate any type of floor in any type of room. These anti fatigue floor mats look great in any room from your bedroom to your living room to your garage.

Of course, the bathroom is a bit different. Children (as well as adults) sometimes tend to leave some water on the bathroom floor when they take showers or baths, and slipping when getting out of the tub is always a serious hazard. For that problem, we have non-slip floor mats to put right by your bathtub/shower, so that stepping out and drying off is much safer! They can also be placed by the sink to ensure that no slipping occurs.

To avoid the messes that could cause these slippages, we also sell aquasorb mats, large or small mats that trap dirt and grime and absorb water and any other liquids that may come in from the outdoors. They can be placed at any entranceway as well as in any place you think could get messy!

And, of course, we’re happy to provide the classic stamp of the American home, doorway mats for any sort of doorways, front porches, or stoops. These mats can be placed just in front of the door to ensure that visitors and residents alike are rid of dirt and grime before entering a home while also giving them a warm welcome.

Country Lane Fabrics is more than just a company that sells mats – we care about our customers’ comfort.